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  2. likelydreamingoffthepain asked: 5 favorite non dessert food items! :)

    In no particular order:

    1. Pizza
    2. Sandwiches (Homemade/Vietnamese/Ike’s)
    3. Sushi
    4. California Burrito/Carne Asada fries
    5. Cereal

  3. likelydreamingoffthepain asked: Name 5 favorite desserts

    1. ICE CREAM & ice cream sandwiches
    2. Meiji Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits
    3. My mom’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
    4. My aunt’s Pumpkin Roll during the holidays
    5. Donuts/Churros
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  5. htdw-tk:


    i have a new lp coming june 23/24. that’s the album cover :+)

    tracklist is like this

    1. 2 Years On (Shame Dream)
    2. What You Wanted
    3. Face Again
    4. See You Fall
    5. Repeat Pleasure
    6. Words I Don’t Remember
    7. Pour Cyril
    8. Precious Love
    9. Childhood Faith In Love (Everything Must Change,…

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  9. Tyler, The Creator Mugshots

  10. Planet Notion: Soundchecking with… Shlohmo

    I’ve just never ever felt inside. I’ve just always been looking. Observing for a long time.”


  11. Let’s hang out and bake/cook all the recipes I save in my Tumblr Likes.


  12. I just have to keep believing that this struggle is only temporary. As much as I would like to quit, I can only do so with a secondary option set in place first. 

    I’m almost 3 years removed from graduating college and I’m nowhere close to where I want to be. It’s all been a learning experience, but I hope my time comes  to invest this experience into the growth of a career…into the growth of me.

    I’ll probably delete this as soon as I return from visiting my parents, also because: 1) Everyone else has their own problems 2) No one cares.

    In the mean time, off to finish synching my iPod so I can endure this 2.5 hr trip back home from Home Home.

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  15. shlohmo:

    SF + NY shows

    All ages. More dates soon…